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Wiley Brooks

"I'm not against eating… I'm not against MacDonald hamburgers… I'm not against the establishment… I'm not against anything… and… I'm not looking for any followers." - Wiley Brooks

The following is an open letter to the Citizens of Earth. From Wiley Brooks, The Breatharian, Director of the Breatharian Institute.

Dear Citizens of the Earth…

When I was born on this planet some 63 years ago I was given the name Wiley Cecil Brooks and I remember even to this very day so clearly my very first conscious shock as a kid when I first saw beings (people) putting things into their mouths. Later on I learned that this practice was called eating and that everybody did it and in fact had to do it to stay alive. From that moment on I knew I would never know any peace in my life until the question that immediately crystallized in my mind was answered. Why did Gods have to eat to live ? I did not know at the time that people were no longer known as the Gods they were.

After many years of searching for the answer to this perplexing question, which seemed to have eluded all the great minds of the time, I decided to go backpacking for a few weeks into the High Sierra mountains, to a place called Alta peak, nestled at 11,200 feet above sea level near the town of Visalia, CA. Feeling totally frustrated and abandoned by the entire world, I now realize (some 30 years later), that perhaps I was really just trying to escape the pursuit of even a newer and more insane idea that had surfaced in my mind to join the army of ideas and questions that were plaguing me at the time. In this idea I find myself incessantly repeating the following paragraph, and I quote, "I could have sworn on a stack of bibles that I once lived in a place where all beings (people) were known as Gods (unlimited Creators). A place where it was a common occurrences to expect all people to shower each other with an abundance of love and respect just as the people of today are expected to shower love and respect on the special people in their lives. A place where all people were accepted as equals and their differences were applauded and honored, not judged and criticized. A place where one would find it impossible to even imagine a circumstance or situation in which any Hu (God)-Man ( being) could possibly think, speak or act in any way that would warrant loving them less."

Was this just another pipe dream to chase just to keep my triple Aries ego busy, I thought? And what does this have to do with having to eat anyway? Well I finally got a break. And do mean a doosey of a break. One so big I dare to even think about describing it here. I can only say that the explosion that occurred within me on that mountain top that day led to the finding and possessing what Jesus of the Bible called the 'KEY OF LIFE'. The Key I had been lead to believe that would answer all my haunting questions about the Gods. And this my friends, I can truly say, it did beyond my wildest dreams.   For years I have tried to give these KEYS away for FREE but was frightfully unsuccessful. The Universal laws that regulate matters of the 'KEYS' states that the current owner or possessor of this KEY can make a limited number of duplicate KEYS which He or She may disperse in any way They deem appropriate. Since I have been such a failure at giving them away for nothing I have decided to sell them. I found, after many years of trail and error, that selling things of value to Hu-mans (God-beings) who eat; worked much better than the giving approach, so beginning this summer of1999 I am giving a series of seminars on the secret use of these keys. I will give the first GOD INITIATIONS SEMINARS in the world to be offered to the general public. Those who attend these very special seminars will learn the secrets of "THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH" and "HOW TO OBTAIN EVER LASTING LIFE AND LIVE FROM NOW ON, FOREVER". I guarantee it! Only 100 KEYS will be available at the first Seminars. The cost for attending these very special gatherings is $425.00 US in advance. There will be no refunds unless the Seminar is canceled. Pre-registration is necessary.

"Have I not said that Ye are all GODS". Jesus of Nazareth

To all of you reading this letter; know in your heart of hearts that You never have, or could You ever have, thought a thought, spoke a word, or done an act, in any way, that could possibly stop, not for even a nano-second, my never-ending love for You.

I Love you with all my Heart.

Wiley, the Breatharian