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Body Changes

Thinking and Destiny, Harold Percival

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What happens to certain aspects of the body when you stop to eat…

The blood gradually ceases to build and maintain the body. It acts as a conveyer of nerve force. Nutrition is taken in by the breath directly from the four stages of matter by condensation. The brain takes and sends impressions more easily than was possible before. The spinal cord assumes a more and more the appearance of brain structure. Its central canal becomes large, and the terminal filament, which is now atrophied from disuse. is greatly enlarged. Its central canal, which at present is threadlike and is lost on its way to the end of the filament, is widened and reaches to the very tip of the filament. The intestinal tract ceases to be a feeding tube and a sewer, and the anus disappears. The stomach and small intestines are the superfluous and disappear.

The large bowel or colon, then serving a new purpose, becomes part of the nerve structure, similar to the spinal cord, termed the front-or-nature-cord. This cord with its lateral branches is made up of the former esophagus, of the two cords and the plexuses and the increased ramification of the involuntary nerve system, and of the colon. The middle of the three bands that extend along the exterior wall of the colon, becomes hollowed out, and around this canal is arranged the colon, greatly reduced in size, so that only a short, narrow tubular cord remains, as part of the front-cord.

Included in the front-cord are the right and left vagus nerves, with their ramifications. It is situated in front of the abdominal cavity and is curved backward, pointing toward the tip of the terminal filament of the voluntary nerve system.

The front-cord becomes enclosed in a resilient structure, here termed the front-or nature-cord. This replaces the sternum and is extended to and is continuous with the greatly changed pelvic bowl. The body is thus becomes a two-columned organism.

There are other changes in the body in addition to those given, which will obtain when the human enters the life path. Nerves not now visible will become active and will affect chiefly the lungs and heart. The lungs will then become more like the cerebrum, and the heart with the aorta, the thymus and other glands, like the cerebellum and pons.