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Living on Light Update

April 2001

So much has happened over the last 5 years since the Living on Light phenomena hit the global stage. With over 10,000 individuals now allowing the Divine to feed them, plus many more in the Qigong community who exist in the state of Bigu, the idea that the Divine can not just love, guide and heal us, but also feed us, is slowly being accepted.

As the ability to live on light is completely related to a person’s daily lifestyle, the actual 21 day initiation has become passé as more and more holistic living practitioners find themselves eating light. Our research has found that the long term practice of meditation, prayer, programming, vegetarian diet, exercise, service, silence in nature and the use of Mantras and devotional songs, expand a person’s consciousness, thus allowing them to exist in the zone of the Divine where so much more than normal reality is possible. We call this 8 point program the Luscious Lifestyles Program – or L.L.P. - and it is basically designed to tune people into the frequency where Living on Light is no longer a miracle.

Due to the power of the media, we have been able to talk about Divine Power, the Source that feeds us, to more than 6 million in less than 3 years, although the media has not always been supportive.

In 1996, shortly before this book was published in the German language, a young man went into a coma during the process, was admitted to hospital, woke up and was on the road to recovery when he had an epileptic fit, fell over and hit his head on the back of the bed and died.

Two years later an Australian woman refused to stop the initiation even though her care giver recommended she do so. She also fell into a coma and was subsequently taken off life support by her family, when the doctors found her to have internal damage from dehydration and other issues. Her care giver and his wife were later jailed for negligence.

In late 1999, another Australian woman living in Scotland died when she chose to ignore the guidelines in this book, stopped eating and drinking, traveled for a few days, and ended up collapsing from exhaustion and dying from exposure to the elements.

While I have had no dealing with any parties involved, the blame of their deaths landed on my doorstep as some in the world felt that the Living on Light reality is impossible and unsafe. The fact that in 1999, 280,000 Americans died from over-eating is to them, irrelevant. The fact that after alcohol and tobacco, meat eating is the third biggest killer in the western world is also to many irrelevant.

Yet to me every human being must take responsibility for their own life and act accordingly. If we live a healthy lifestyle through food choices we can live longer, and prana is a food choice—not a common one yet, but however it is a valid and healthy one and thousands now attest to this.

Regardless of whether Living on Light and being nourished by prana is socially acceptable or not, the fact remains for thousands it is now a preferable lifestyle and pretending that it is not possible so that non-believers can feel more comfortable in their reality, is not going to happen.

For those wishing to be nourished by the Divine I can only urge you to prepare as well as possible by following the Get Fit for Prana guidelines.

Also note that the 21 day initiation does not necessarily guarantee that the Divine will feed you, only your daily practice of the Luscious Lifestyles Program can do that. We also recommend that you only do the 21 day process if it makes your heart truly sing. Like many ancient spiritual initiations, the 21 day process is designed to test your trust and faith, and unless you have clear inner guidance with your Divine One Within, your DOW, I personally recommend that you do not do it and wait until you do trust this inner voice 100 per cent. You also need to have a very strong mind/body connection where you can listen to all the subtle signals and nuances that the body constantly displays in communicating with its Master.

These days I tend to recommend the German’s approach to Living on Light, as it is long term and sensible and does not involve any difficult initiation. In this reality, for example, they set themselves a 5 year plan to slowly prepare their physical, emotional and mental bodies, while also conditioning their family and friends to this new intended reality. For example, year 1- no more meat; year 2 - become a vegan, no more dairy products; year 3 - raw food only; year 4 - fruit only; year 5 - juices only; year 6 - prana only. During this 5 year period, they also plan to exercise and meditate regularly and become as finely tuned as possible, allowing them to expand their consciousness to live permanently in the Divine airwaves.

In 1999 I completed my book “Ambassadors of Light-World Health and World Hunger Project” which takes the Living on Light discussion on to the global stage re health and hunger issues. Full of research and statistics, it provides a wonderful argument for global vegetarianism and resource sustainability.

While the personal and global benefits of pranic nourishment are obvious, Living on Light is still not a sociably acceptable lifestyle and many light eaters choose to be very selective regarding who they share this information with. Also as you can’t hide the fact that you do not eat from family and friends, you need to realize that to many, living free from the need for food as we know it is an absolutely impossible reality, yet to those who have experienced the power of the Divine, miracles happen daily.

Living on Light and the 21 day process will not offer a quick fix to health or life problems, nor is it an easy road to enlightenment. Only what we fill each moment of our day with can determine this and while this reality attracts spiritual warriors who accept themselves as their own Masters, we can only ask that you treat yourself and this initiation with the utmost responsibility and respect.

I would also like to note that over the last 3-4 years we have been dealing and negotiating with various Research Institutes to try and bring in a more scientific understanding of the power of prana and its ability to nourish our cells and not just our souls. Unfortunately, due to lack of funding we have had minimal success with this. However, we are currently negotiating with a major US institute and plan to undergo in-depth testing in 2002.

Once again we stress, do not do this 21 day initiation process unless it really speaks to every fibre of your being and makes your heart truly sing, for this is not an initiation that will guarantee Living on Light. It is an initiation that will allow you to dance on a deeper level with your Divine Self and provided you are physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually fit then you, like many thousands of others, may experience the true gifts of this initiation on many, many levels.

Remember that this is the path of self mastery, and unless you have complete 100 percent trust in your Divine inner voice, and good clear communication with your body, then once more we recommend you take the less controversial path for Living on Light – the 5 year plan. The main focus needs to be on our lifestyle so that we may be in the correct frequency where this is possible.

The L.L.P. 8 STEP Program includes the following points:

  1. Daily Meditation
  2. Prayer
  3. Programming
  4. Light vegetarian diet
  5. Exercise
  6. Service
  7. Time in silence in nature
  8. Use of mantras, chanting & devotional song

In Biofield Science, every being has the potential to enjoy FOUR BODY FITNESS. This is obvious when we see it for people are happy with their love health and wealth quotient and they enjoy passion and purpose and good relationships with life.

Wishing your path of great joy, harmony and happiness.

Namaste, Jasmuheen