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Prana Has a Measurable Weight

Additional Weight And Unknown Vacuum Energies Of Living Organisms

Dr. Amrit Sorli

In 1987 I carried out experiments that demonstrate an additional weight of living organisms. Experiments were done in a closed environment that showed an increasing of weight during the growing phase of an organism and decreasing of it after its death. Therefore, there appears to be an additional weight of living organisms. This additional weight could be due to an unknown vacuum energy containment that exists in living organisms as it can not be accounted for otherwise within these closed systems.

Preliminary experiments have been carried out on the Bio-technical Faculty, Ljubljana, Slovenia in June 1987. Measurements have been performed on a Mettler Zurich M5 scale. Six test-tubes were filled with three millilitres of water solution made out of meat and sugar. In four test-tubes were put fungus and in two test-tubes not. All test tubes were welded airtight. The weight difference between test-tubes was measured for ten days. In three days of growing period the weight of test-tubes with fungus increased on average for 34 micrograms and in the last seven days it remained unchanged. The experiment was carried out in sterile circumstances. It shows that roundness of space-time around an organism is increasing during its growing period: Fg (dead) organic + dFg = Fg alive.

In other experiment two test-tubes were filled with 5 grams of Californian worms — two with distillate water. All test-tubes were welded airtight. The weight difference between test-tubes was measured for 5 hours. First hour there was no difference second and third hour difference increased on average for 4.5 micrograms and remain stable in the last two hours. Experiment shows that the roundness of space-time around an organism decreases at the time of its death: Fg alive = Fg dead + dFg.

The experiment was repeated from August to September 1988 at the Faculty for Natural Science and Technology, Ljubljana. Two Mettler Zurich scales, type H20T were used in the measurements. Identical results were obtained. Experimental test-tube was filled with 70 grams of live California worms and a small test-tube, filled with 0.25 ml of 36% water solution of formaldehyde. The control test tube contained 70 ml of distilled water and a small test tube with formaldehyde. Both test tubes were welded, wiped clean with 70% ethanol, and put into the weighing chamber of the balance. Approximately one hour was allowed for acclimatisation. Later both test-tubes were measured three times at intervals of five minutes. Then the test tubes were turned upside down to spill the solution of formaldehyde and again measured seven times at intervals of fifteen minutes. The weight of the worms increases first 3 minutes after the poisoning on average for 60 micrograms and than went down. Fifteen minutes after poisoning, the weight diminished on the average by 93.6 micrograms. The entire experiment was repeated twelve times. The standard deviation amounted to 16 micrograms. The pressure in both test tubes was one atmosphere for the entire duration of the experiment, the temperature in both test tubes was the same. Neither the pressure nor the temperature could have therefore been the cause for the difference of the weight.

In 1997 I published the results of the experiments in the "Newsletter" nr. 18-19 of Monterey Institute for Study of Alternative Healing Arts, California. Third of March 1998 Dr. Shiuji Inomata from Japan informs editor S. Savva that Dr. Kaoru Kavada got same results with the rats. Closed airtight in the plastic containers they lost some weight at the time of death.

Accordingly, the formula E = mcc, by transforming 93,6 micrograms of matter into energy, releases 2 X 10 E9 calories of energy. In the experiment, no such energy release was observed. It means that energy that enters in living organisms and leaves them at the time of death does not belong to known energies that are caring electromagnetic, strong or week nuclear force. Momentary increasing of weight after poisoning shows that organism is in active relation with this unknown vacuum energy and that this energy is essential for its functioning.

Such a type of energy in Indian traditional medicine is called Prana, in Chinese QI. Extended research will provide more data what is unknown vacuum energy that causes additional weight.

Dr. Amrit Sorli

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