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Press Release - Germany July 1999

with the Author of the controversial book
"Living on Light", Jasmuheen
issued by the Self Empowerment Academy P.O. Box 737 Kenmore 4069 Australia

Hi I am writing to you all in response to the recent controversy about my book "Living on Light" among certain media in Germany. "Focus" magazine is concerned about the death of a man in Germany that occurred some 3 months before my book was published. This is exactly why I wrote the book in the first place. Insufficient information on the initiation that I then outline further in the book, had begun to be circulated globally and I felt that this could have detrimental effects. As many know, it's hard to control the release of information that just wants to get out there because this is what freedom of speech is all about. Yet we can make sure that information is released responsibly.

We also need to make sure that our research sources are confirmed to be from a credible source. "Focus" magazine has not bothered to check their facts and will no doubt make their apologies for this shortly to their readers. This is not the first time this has happened with German media. A leading new age magazine also neglected to investigate whether the information they printed on our work 6 months ago was true or just unsubstantiated rumor. Unfortunately for their readers it was just rumor. While this lack of ethics surprised me considering their business focus, we chose to ignore this but will not ignore it again.

So let us look at some facts. Many individuals are attracted to the idea of being free from the need to eat food. Others desire to be free from all external attachments and seeking enlightenment, begin to make adjustments to their lifestyles. In M.A.P.S. we call these people the Ambassadors of Light and yes I am one. M.A.P.S. is the movement of people who are committed to finding positive solutions to many modern day challenges. After over 20 years of metaphysical study, I accidentally discovered prana as an alternative source of nourishment. I have discovered since through 6 years of personal in-depth research, that the lifestyle we live that frees us from the need for food, could have very positive applications to world health and world hunger challenges.

We are not promoting the 21 day process to society, we are promoting the power of the Divine One Within us all. By Its Grace only can we be fed like this. We are not saying that stopping to eat food will end world hunger and world health problems. We are saying that the lifestyle that allows us to now to be able to live on light, will do this. All this is covered in my final book on this field of research "Ambassadors of Light - Living on Light" that KOHA Verlag will publish in the next few months. In this book we advocate the benefits of vegetarianism particularly for its health benefits, and its long term global resource sustainability benefits. We look in depth at the redistribution of our resources - at disarmament, pharmaceutical use and prohibition laws. We provide research from the Qigong Masters on their ability to live without food and we provide other medical research that has been conducted on this since the 1920's.

Yes we promote vegetarianism as one part of a lifestyle recipe that we suggest people adopt if they are interested in eventually living free from the need of food. We also promote it as part of our interest in the cessation of slaughter of all life on the planet. Our desire to connect with the Divine One Within allows a process of metamorphosis to begin in our lives, that we can control the speed of. We control the speed of change through diet, meditation and through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual exercise.

Mental exercise involves programming and mind mastery. Emotional exercise occurs through the way we co-exist in our relationships with each other. Spiritual exercise is the path all initiates take when they want to experience the ‘enlightening’ qualities of their DOW.

As we have often stated, the 21 day process is a placebo for living on light. It is instead a powerful spiritual initiation that is not to be taken lightly. This initiation, if prepared for well, can leave you in a state of grace and wonder at the majesty of life - its sole purpose is to connect you consciously on a much deeper level with your DOW.

We trust you will enjoy our new book and ask for your support till then.

Remember anyone prepared to challenge the status quo comes under scrutiny from time to time and also that the spreading of incorrect information is harmful to us all.

with love light and laughter - Jasmuheen
Circulated by KOHA Verlag at the request of the Self Empowerment Academy July 1999.