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The Divine Dance for Paradise

Jasmuheen European Tour Speech - November 1999

Hello and welcome to this gathering and the Divine Dance for Paradise. How many of you have previously attended my lectures and seminars? To you I say thank you for your continuing love and support. As some of you may be aware, the last few months for me have been particularly challenging, as I have become a target for the media in their bid to spread misinformation about my work. As this has arisen purely from their lack of awareness of the facts and research already done in this field, it is easy to forgive them, for what some have not yet come to realize, is that paradise is in humanitys blueprint of evolution. For me personally, this period of time has been an amazing journey that has required trust and strength, clarity of commitment, and also great courage, and yet to continue on in the face of so much adversity is nothing new for many. Galileo, Gandhi, Martin Luther King and thousands of others, known and unknown, have been challenging the status quo since there was a status quo to challenge. As the German philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer said: "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." Schopenhauer, like myself was a student of the Vedas, from which the very first information about prana has come. Prana is the energy behind the breath, it is also the energy that allows the divine to dance so evidently within the universe. Albert Einstein once said : The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of true art and science. He to whom the emotion is stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand wrapped in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed. The insight into the mystery of life, coupled though it be with fear, has also given rise to religion. To know what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty, which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their most primitive forms - this knowledge, this feeling is at the center of true religiousness. There is an old Vedic story about Prana that we find in various Upanishads. The five main faculties of our nature - the mind, breath (prana), speech, ear and eye - were arguing with each other as to which one of them was the best and most important. This reflects the ordinary human state in which our faculties are not integrated but fight with each other, competing for their rule over our attention. To resolve this dispute they decided that each would leave the body and see whose absence was most missed. First speech left the body but the body continued though mute. Next the eye left but the body continued though blind. Next the ear left but the body continued though deaf. Mind left but the body continued though unconscious. Finally the Prana began to leave and the body began to die and all the other faculties began to lose their energy. So they all rushed to Prana and told it to stay, lauding its supremacy. Clearly Prana won the argument. Prana gives energy to all our faculties, without which they cannot function. Without honoring Prana first, there is nothing else we can do, and no energy with which to do anything. Some people call prana Qi, others call it God, as many of you are aware from reading my writings, I call it the Divine One Within - our DOW. Yes it is true that I am probably now known as one of the more public researchers in the field of experiential study of prana power. Other researchers are Choa Kok Sui, head of the International Pranic Healers Association and the Qi Master Dr Yan Xin (Shin). I love Choa Kok Suis quote An intelligent person is not closed minded. He does not behave like an ostrich burying his head in the ground trying to avoid new ideas and developments. An intelligent person is not gullible. He does not accept ideas blindly. He studies and digests them thoroughly, then evaluates them against his reason; he tests these new ideas and developments through experiments and his experiences. An intelligent person studies these ideas with a clear objective mind. Choa Kok Suis work, like Reiki, reveals the healing power of prana. The work of Dr Yan Xin when understood, heralds a huge milestone for humanity at this time. With over 60 books focused on the Qi Masters research into the power of external Qi emissions, if all I can do at this time is lead the world to his doorstep and have his research gain the credibility it deserves, I would be most happy, and I will discuss some of his findings shortly. In fact, as those of you who have kept up with my research know, if all I ever achieve in my work is to aid in the creation of a vegetarian world, I will be most happy. Being able to inspire people to honor all life so that they can dance with the Divine is also high on my list of priorities. Recently I agreed to deal with the Australian 60 Minutes television team. I did this in the hope that they would do some solid investigative journalism, to clear the media misinformation on the deaths over the last three years, of three people associated with the 21 day process. If I say that it is sad when our loved ones die, people respond with why are you attached to life when death does not exist as the spirit is immortal and that changing bodies is just like changing clothes. Dont you know that the time of our birth and death is between you and your God? On the highest level who is really responsible for life and death on this planet? If I say, should we blame a car manufacturer everytime someone dies in a car accident, others say but three people died and someone should be held responsible. Car manufacturers and car dealers expect people to learn to drive, to follow driving guidelines, to drive safely and responsibly. A recent study done by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention said that sedentary lifestyles and fast food diets are resulting in one in five Americans today being obese, and that this is killing 280,000 people in the USA each year. Are the fast food manufacturers responsible for this? Yet regardless of how responsibly we all act, as many now know, sometimes it is just our time to die. Treating our body as a temple, acting impeccably and responsibly in every moment is part of the journey of self mastery, and if we all do that, then for any of us to take responsibility over the death of another, is like pretending we are the sun, rather than the sunshine of the sun. It is now the belief of many that each one of us has a time contract each life to be here, and when this is complete we leave either via accident, disease or, like the lamas we sit in meditation, and exit our body which then dies. Surely it is time that we acted as responsible adults and took control over our lives and stopped looking to blame each other when our own choices create problems such as dis-ease and even death. For any of us to take responsibility for anothers choice is to undermine the very message of our work in the field of self mastery. Self responsibility is the key to true inner and outer peace in this world, and some may say that blame perpetuates victim consciousness. Others may say that people die every day and yes it is hard for those of us who loved them and miss them. In our grief we feel anger and denial and blame. In our sorrow we see life as limited, and in our ignorance we reject the very notion that the Divine One Within really is in charge. And in our arrogance we wish to prove to a non believing world, the existence of something that perhaps they are not yet ready to know. I say this because it was partly my own arrogance and also my naivete, that led me to accept the challenge put forward by 60 Minutes. For years people have been telling me its impossible to do something that I have been doing for years. 28 years ago doctors told me that if I went vegetarian I would die from lack of protein but I didnt. 25 years ago doctors told me I could never have children but I did. 23 years ago doctors told me that having a home birth was dangerous and would risk the life of my child, but it didnt. 7 years ago doctors told me I couldnt heal my own cancer but I did. Now doctors tell me I will die if I do not eat food. Yes it gets tiring listening to the same old fear and disbelief that comes from those who have not yet had the pleasure of experiencing their DOW, or who arent prepared to move beyond limitation. And so I allowed myself to play the prove it to me game with 60 Minutes, lost my joy and became sincerely humbled. My learning was invaluable. I must admit it was fascinating to be held in what felt like a POW camp with constantly changing rules, and I gained some wonderful insights! Particularly about the effects of sleep deprivation and carbon monoxide poisoning on the body when one isnt drinking, as I usually choose to do, to combat any negative effects of pollution, particularly when I travel. There is still so much I do not know about prana power and how it can nourish us fully as we exist in a modern day world, but as more of us live it and experience it, the more we understand.. Not eating and not drinking in a polluted environment was something the American founder of breatharianism, Wiley Brooks, had done in-depth research on before, but was not my field. Wiley had told me that he found it difficult to stabilize his weight when he was not drinking and not eating, and he felt it was due to the pollution and I never realized why, but now I do. Without the fluid to flush out the toxins, our body diverts precious energy to do this as it does when it has to digest food in the normal way. So I learnt personally that what Wiley had found is also true for me. Perhaps when we are more in tune with our DOW, we can go beyond even this. I feel that my recent media experiences are something that we can all learn from. I found that we do not need to prove anything to anyone but ourselves, even though part of me would love pranic nourishment to be given acknowledgement as it could then be applied appropriately and really benefit many. Still, we all know that when we walk our talk and have a deep and profound experience no one can take that away from us. Yes it is unfortunate that although 60 Minutes were given all my research and findings plus 10 years of detailed scientific research by nuclear physicist Lu Zuyin, by their own admission none of this was read, and yes it is true that the interviewer decided to portray me as someone who was deluded. To this I responded.... What appears to be delusion to some is simply a preferable reality to another, for without our dreams and visions, humanity has no hope. Divine revelations come to those who sincerely ask to have them; this is the nature of the Higher Laws of Science that some call Universal Law. Only when humankind understands and applies these laws may peace, true unity and contentment reign permanently on earth. 60 Minutes were given a brilliant educational opportunity and decided not to take it, yet I am not interested in denigrating anyone except to say that in all my years of working with the media, I have come to understand that what is reported always reflects the consciousness of the journalist and their editor or producer. Nonetheless I have met some brilliant switched on and very enlightened journalists who operate with complete integrity and honour, and the German filmmaker Frieder Mayrhofer is one. Frieder has been following the progress of many people as they have been learning to live on light and even though various TV stations have been told of his work, most have been more interested in focusing on sensationalism rather than fact. People ask me why I persevere with the media and to this I always say that it is my divine blueprint as a cosmic reporter to do this, as the media is one of the most powerful tools we have for planetary re-education today - provided it is used with honor and integrity and not for the sake of sensationalism. I think one of the problems of some of the less enlightened media is that they underestimate the intelligence of their audience. After the 60 Minutes show went to air in Australia, they asked for feedback from their audience via a vote to the question Do you believe a person could live for six months on nothing but air and light? and 68% of the 1600 who called in actually said YES. The reason that I tell this story is because something magnificent is occurring on earth right now. People are having what I call divine experiences and whats more, many are now prepared to stand up and be counted. So what exactly is all the controversy about my work? It seems that the some of the media in our world is convinced that my claim to be able to tune into the power of the Divine and live by its light is either fraudulent or crazy and deluded, even though the research has been done to prove that it is possible, provided people live a virtuous and spiritually enriching lifestyle. To me a spiritually enriching lifestyle is a holistic lifestyle that allows us to be physically fit as we treat the body like a temple, emotionally fit as we treat ourselves and each other with love, honor and respect, mentally fit by being responsible for all our thoughts words and actions and applying and understanding the universal laws, and spiritually fit by aligning with, and experiencing the love, wisdom and power of the Divine One Within us - our DOW. So I would like to discuss Divine Power, how to experience it and also how to live our lives in alignment with the Divine Blueprint as for the past few months, I have been very focused in discussions and invitations to prove the existence of the Divine and tonight I would like to begin to lay the groundwork to do just that. For only when we have a direct experience of the Divine force in action can we truly surrender to divine will and serve in the unfoldment of the Divine Plan on earth. From this focus we will experience personal paradise and from this will come global paradise. American author Harold Sherman once said The more you depend on forces outside of yourself, the more you are dominated by them. To me freedom comes from detachment from the material world and a deep experience of the internal world of our DOW. Our DOW holds the key to our discovery of true happiness, health and wealth and our DOW is the common thread that binds and unites us all regardless of our beliefs. Id like to read you the opening paragraph to my new book Ambassadors of Light; We live in an age of magnificence - of prosperity and true joy and it only takes a recipe to tune us all in. What miracles are these that we have been given so much love, wisdom and power to use at our discretion? Many of the Ambassadors of Light believe that we come as Gods to find the Gods that we are in physical earth form. Some say that God is like the sun. It feeds us, and keeps all our movies alive and Its nature can be nirvanic and tender. When we swim in It, merge with It, feel It, allow It to love us as we remember It, miracles happen. Some call living without the need of food a miracle, yet our deepest and most nourishing sustenance comes from learning to dance with the Divine. In a recent interview in Switzerland, another servant of the Divine, the Lady Master Ching Hai was asked about proving the existence of God to people and she said How can I prove it to them? I dont want to. Im not here to prove that God exists or doesnt exist. I just want to help you know God if you want to. She goes on to say that it is possible to experience God, if you want to, but for those who dont want to, that is fine too, and thats how I feel. For those who are willing to apply a little discipline in their daily lifestyle choice, for those who are willing to spend time in the silence of prayer and contemplation via meditation, for those who are willing to be the master of their body, mind and emotions, for those who are willing to put aside personal agendas and truly serve, for those who are willing to love unconditionally, for those who see their body as the temple for the Divine One Within to exist in the world of form - miracles will happen, and Holiness and true divinity will reveal itself. This is the scientific principle of Universal Law. No one can prove the existence of God except us, to us, for us. No one can give us the sincere desire to know who we truly are - beyond our mind, our emotions or our body. Sincerity must come from deep within us, the longing to feel the Oneness of creation must come from deep within us. Only we can find and experience our DOW and only our DOW has the power to unite and harmonize our inner and outer world. To those interested in the commonalties of science and the Divine - God, Allah, Brahma, are also names for what quantum calls the Singularity. Yet while science continues to see spirit and matter as separate, scientists will not be able to fully understand the complexity of the quantum field. Qi is the essence of this field and Qi or DOW emissions defy normal scientific study which requires the observer to be detached from the experiment. Because of the nature of Qi, the observer and the observed are one and the same. Just before I left Australia I received data which scientifically proves the reality of reincarnation. It involves an in-depth study of 2,600 children that was done by Ian Stevenson, a psychiatrist and professor dedicated to the scientific method, studying their claims of previous lives of which they had full recall. Working with Tom Schroder, an award winning journalist for the Washington Post they literally proved that the claims these children made are true by tracking down and thier past life families and checking all the information given. Their work is now in the book Old Souls : The Scientific Evidence for Past Lives and is published by Simon & Schuster. In this book Tom Schroder tried to play the skeptic and disbeliever focusing only on fact, but as they found together these children had not only full recall, but birthmarks, birth defects, internal diseases, abnormalities of pigmentation, physique, posture, gesture and movements that can be tied to the subjects previous lives. Schroder says it was these facts that provided the science. Even though the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association had to admit that their work done over 35 years, contained evidence that would be very difficult to explain in any other way than reincarnation, and regardless of the massive amount of work in these two volumes, and the exhaustive amount of cross testing done, still the scientific community continues to ignore it. As Tom Schroder says Because something challenges the accepted understanding of the world, it obviously cannot be true, and therefore is unworthy of consideration. The earth is the center of the universe and that is that! How long must we bury our heads in the sand? Humanity must progress into a unified and harmonious existence - this is the nature of the divine dance we call evolution and we can only do this when we combine intelligence, with an openness and willingness to discerningly listen to new ideas and find the courage to adopt them if they are beneficial to our species. In depth research has been done on external Qi emissions but not enough on internal Qi radiation, except we do know that virtuous living, meditation, prayer, programming, diet and exercise directly influence internal Qi and its external radiation or emissions. The scientific community continues to ignore the work of the Qi Masters. Similarly the media, and the medical community continues to dismiss the work of the Light Ambassadors and our research into prana power which dovetails beautifully with Dr Yan Xins work, for Qi is DOW power in action. In my research, Qi emissions relate to the field of advanced bioenergetics and the higher light science, which I begin to cover in my autobiographical book Our Camelot - the Game of Divine Alchemy . We discuss it in greater depth in my new book The Wizards Tool Box. Yes, its great to now know that enough studies have been done to prove that magnetic field measurements coming from internal organs increase greatly when Qi is increased through the above lifestyle but this work now needs to be shared with the world so that all can benefit. Research has also been done on the effect of Qi in improving and regulating the function of the digestive system; how it improves the function of the endocrine system; how it affects our capacity to create changes in the muscular and skeletal systems; how it improves the functions of the respiratory system and the circulatory system; plus how it improves and regulates the functions of the nervous system, as well as the power that Qi has in adjusting skin temperature and controlling the body temperature center. In eastern philosophy Qi is also also called prana and it is known that the bodys natural production of prana increases through the raising of the Kundalini energy via meditation and a yogic lifestyle. According to the Qi Masters, because Qi or prana runs on the neutrino level, it is very difficult to detect as Qi is what fills the 99% of space in each atom. The Qi Masters have proved that Qigong healing is also not just psychological. It has objective effects independent of the psychological dimension. For example, x-rays of a bone fracture before a Qi transmission, then an x-ray of a bone fracture after this transmission has shown how the fracture has been completely healed in a matter of hours or even minutes. Also it is known that Qi emissions do not lose their intensity over distance and can be directed by mind, will and intention, hence their effectiveness in distant healing. By moving their inner vision into the magnetic field of a patient, a Qi master can provide accurate diagnosis without actually seeing that patient, or being in the presence of that patient. Dr Yan Xin was described as a contemporary sage by former president George Bush and his focus of research has long been on the benefits of applied Qigong into the areas of cancer and AIDS. As a result of attending his lectures, thousands of people have been cured of many major illnesses. Like the Ambassadors of Light, Dr Yan Xin encourages the respect for the old and care for those in need, while emphasizing the importance of a virtuous lifestyle and the value of love for others. Compassion, love and selfless service are key factors in the establishment of personal and global paradise as we enter a new millennium on earth, as is the respect and honoring of all life. Traditional Qigong theories hold that all things in the universe originate from Qi, that everything contains Qi, and that it fills the entire universe. This concurs with the Christian idea that God is omnipresent and omnipotent. A Qigong masters Qi emanations and power is closely related to his/her own physical, mental and emotional state at the time of the Qi transmission. In my recent experience with 60 Minutes, my weight loss of 5 kilos over 5 days occurred not only due to the natural water loss from the body, sleep deprivation and having to deal with pollution, but also due to my own emotional and mental state. Yes I felt annoyed at myself for allowing a media circus to take place around a sacred initiation, and trust people who did not have my interests at heart. And when we get frustrated, angry or lose our joy, we lessen our connection to our DOW and this interferes with our DOWs ability to nourish us. Arrogance, ego, fear, judgement and annoyance all inhibit the pranic flow and take us out of the Divine Dance Zone. So yes, the Light Ambassadors ability to be constantly fed by Qi or prana depends on our ability to maintain a high level of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fitness can live on Qi alone for long periods of time and these fitness levels fluctuate according to what we are choosing to focus on in each moment. According to the book Qigong Scientific Exploration ; One may question how a person can live without food? First, the gastric and intestinal fluid of Qigong practitioners contain many nutrients. Second, everyone has nutrients stored in the body; yet most people do not how to transform and utilize them. Third, twenty or more days may pass without eating food, yet one can still be energized by absorbing self transformed high energy substances. It is not a question of eating, but rather of absorbing nutrients in a different manner. One can utilize the bodys accumulated nutrition and transfer it to gastric and intestinal fluids for high quality nourishment. This also improves the digestive system. Qigong practitioners do not merely absorb nutrients through their mouths and noses. They can use many other ways to absorb high energy substances for nourishment. Water, for instance, does not have to enter only through the mouth. Light does not have to enter only through our eyes (Like a plant that requires light photo-synthesis, light also has a function in our body.) A Qigong practitioner absorbs high energy substances from the universe that are unavailable to others. In this manner one can eat less, or even not eat for a length of time and still maintain a high energy level. When the absorption of high energy substances is enhanced, one may go without food for a long period of time. That is why Qigong is an ideal way to improve the digestive system of the body. Traditional Qigong concerns itself with the effect of consciousness on an object and how the observer and the observed are connected, which is something traditional science has not yet accepted. Hence the Qigong phenomena raises many questions for science which cannot be answered by current scientific theories. It has become my understanding, from my parallel research to the Qigong studies, that until scientists begin to experience their DOW, many answers to the mysteries of life, evolution and creation, will remain hidden from them. The Divine Dance is an experience, not a conceptual hypothesis and it can only be gained by a lifestyle that honors both intellect and intuition, head and heart. According to the scientists measuring Qigong emissions and studies on the Bigu state - that is not eating - many people in Bigu like myself, can live on less than 300 calories per day for years without any damage to their physical bodies. In October 1987 Ding Jing, aged 10, went into the Bigu state and stayed there for over 6 years with a calorie intake of between 260 and 300 per day. We have found the same amongst the Light Ambassadors, and many continue to live very healthily on calorie intakes that are continuing to defy and challenge modern medical and scientific belief. Personally I have become healthier through Bigu and have proved to myself beyond doubt that my DOW is nourishing my body as have many other Ambassadors of Light. Medical science is slowly catching up with these ideas, for example the August 27th edition of Science results of a research project by USA, Madison researchers Tomas A. Prolla and Richard Weindruch found that key genes that normally deteriorate with age continued to function in a youthful way when mice were underfed and from this they are now convinced that if people overeat they will accelerate the aging process. Halving the calorie content of the test mice diet doubled their lifespan. Other research shows that when people add daily meditation, regular exercise, positive mental and emotional attitudes, become vegetarian and practice loving rather than judging, their health and relationships improve dramatically. I am convinced after 28 years of personal research that all world health and world hunger related challenges can disappear with this change in lifestyle choice. Meditation stimulates altruism and the desire for unity and selflessness through service and my Ambassadors of Light book goes into great detail as to how we can redistribute the worlds resources to address current world hunger issues. Regardless of how people react to this work, it has a valid place on the global stage that will, in time, be recognized and so the Qi practitioners like myself, will continue. Dr Yan Xin (Shin) is one of the most respected and widely recognized Qi Masters in China and it is with his co-operation that such in depth studies on the benefits of Prana or Qi power have been conducted and shared with the world. Many people have spontaneously entered into the Bigu state as a result of being in his presence, and much research has been documented in the Chinese language. In fact over sixty books have been written covering his research into the power and benefits of Qi emissions. Professor Lu Zuyins book is one of the first to be published in English and was only released in 1997 after a ten year period of research and experimentation. In 1987 I also began to record in my journals my conscious study and research on a) the power of internal Qi radiation, b) how our lifestyles can alter the levels of this radiation, and c) how to control our external fields of reality by controlling our Qi emissions internally and externally. The Qi masters say that Bigu is a state in which a person maintains a normal life without taking any food. Standard Bigu means very little or no intake of water. Basic Bigu means only drinking water and juice. Non-standard Bigu means ingesting water, juice and occasionally juicy fruits and vegetable soups. The difference between the experience of the Light Ambassadors and those in the Bigu state is that we have sought this experience consciously by the practice of meditation and lifestyle choice that promote our becoming fit on all levels. Like myself, Dr Yan Xin, who I have not had the pleasure of meeting, has been guided to share this information with the world because of its benefits to humanity. Both of us recognize that major research still needs to be done into the Bigu phenomena and trust that as humanity focuses more on DOW power, that this will naturally come to pass. We present our research to the interested parties in the fields of science and medicine and trust that relevant studies will be done in time and the benefits will then be more widely shared. After completing the Ambassadors of Living on Light book which shares my own in depth research plus that of Austrian Dr Karl Graninger who spent 20 years studying 23 people who lived without the need of food; I was given the Scientific Qigong Exploration manual, and hence my desire to bring this research to the attention of the world. Also, since I completed my research, as we have mentioned another person has died from exposure to the elements and slight dehydration while undergoing the 21 day process. Some would say she died as a result of not adhering strictly to the guidelines in my first book on this matter, Living on Light; others would say that her work was complete and she had come to the end of her contract and need to be here. Regardless of the whys, I cannot stress enough that we will continue to encourage all beings to take responsibility for their every thought, word and action in dealing with their own lives and the lives of others where appropriate. I must stress again that it is not necessary to undergo the 21 day process as many are now living on prana without undergoing this initiation. However if you are called from deep within to do this, then please act responsibly. Listen to your body, listen to your DOW and walk away, stop, if you get into difficulty. It is not important if we eat or dont eat. What is important is that we experience our DOW, and enjoy each moment in our lives in a way that benefits and honors all life. Yes it is part of my blueprint to bring this information to the world, yes it is true that I am free from the need to live on food (as we know it) and that my DOW does, has and will feed me. Yes it is also true that I was led into a field of research, as a result of my experience with my DOW, that may have many wonderful global benefits for health and hunger related issues. Yes it is true that whether people believe this or not, there are those who have experienced the power of the Divine enough to know, that when we truly have experienced something we cannot deny it, even though many others may not believe. Like the Master Ching Hai, I have no desire to convince the world of anything, only to share what I feel to be some most interesting research as it is my divine service to do so. Self responsibility, kindness, compassion, selfless service and altruistic behavior are all keys to the Divine dance floor. As the Indian author A. Parthasarathy once said; Modern civilized men without self-development are but intelligent savages living in spiritual slums. In a moment I would like to complete this evening with something very practical. Yes it is a program that if applied by all will guarantee religious unification, but it is also a program to allow us all to enjoy more of the Divine Dance of life. Just our commitment and desire to find and enjoy the evidence of Holiness will indeed change our world regardless of what we all call our God. The evidence of Holiness comes to us automatically when we use the following program. Before we begin let me just share the following with those of you unfamiliar with the power of prayer and programming.

Researching neuro-science has established a state called plasticity which is our brains inherent capacity to change. This is actually mirroring the universal law of change and adaptation. The human brain constantly designs new patterns, new combinations of nerve cells and neurotransmitters in response to new input and stimuli. Each individual has the potential to rewire the brains neural map and reconfigure it in a manner more conducive to producing the life they are looking for. Some of you may wish to utilize the programs listed throughout the Ambassadors of Light book and remember that when we ask we will receive. This is universal law. Programming utilizes thoughts, words and prayers and has the ability to create new software for our bodies - the hardware - to run more effectively in life. When DOW power awakens en masse the way it now is, changes automatically happen. Everyone has this power available to them - in the same quantities - we just access It with different regularity and in different quantities. DOW Power is not restricted by our races, religions, cultures or our beliefs. It is like a hidden source of energy that when recognized, connected with, experienced and allowed to flow unimpeded through our bodies, brings many miracles to our lives. As my friend and colleague, Louix Dor Dempriey says in his book Dawn of Enlightenment: Divinity reveals itself from within the self, where it lies dormant until such time as the soul is ready and willing to externalize it. There are four qualities necessary to liberate the soul: desire, faith, willingness and obedience. Of the four, obedience is the last to which the ego personality will succumb. It is not enough to read all the right books and quote all the great sages. The divine laws of cause and effect must be obeyed. Thank you Louix. The evidence of these laws is everywhere on our planet if only we choose to look. So is the evidence of Holiness which appears in different ways to different people. And yet it is not our different beliefs that stop us from experiencing Holiness - it is our lack of deep desire. Without desire, without intention and without vision, the evidence of the Supreme Splendour remains hidden from us all. Those who have found and experienced the evidence of Holiness often become the Ambassadors of Light. So the following program is simple and not to be underestimated in its power. It is one that I have developed for the sole purpose of religious unification on earth and to allow individuals to really experience the divine if it is their sincere desire to do so. For those of you present who desire this, let us close our eyes and pray and program together: I will share the program once to familiarize you with it, then you can repeat it after me. I now surrender into the experience of the revelation of paradise on a personal and global level. I ask the universe to bring me the evidence of Holiness and Godliness and graciousness and divinity in such a manner that I am permanently moved beyond doubt. I now choose to forgive all those who have ever harmed me or my ancestors. I ask for forgiveness for all that I have ever done that has created harm. I now enter the new millennium with the love of my God in my heart, accepting and honoring of all who honor life. So it is. So it is. So it is.