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Ambassadors of Light - Living on Light

Excert From the Book by Jasmuheen

"Ambassadors of Light - Living on Light" is Jasmuheen's tenth book and the follow on to her best seller "Living on Light - Nutrition for the New Millennium". No doubt this new work will be just as controversial as she continues to challenge the status quo and take the pranic nourishment discussion on to the global stage. In this book Jasmuheen offers practical solutions to world health and world hunger related challenges, via Mother Mary's Luscious Lifestyles Programs' via effective ways to redirect global resources. This also entails an in-depth look at the forgiveness of third world debt, and at fundraising for social welfare programs through global disarmament, the dissolution of prohibition, holistic reeducation programs and the elimination of the need for personal pharmaceutical use through the practice of preventative medicine.

"Ambassadors of Light" also looks at the undeniable long term benefits of vegetarianism in relation to health and resource sustainability levels, and also at the lifestyles that those who are now free from the need to eat food usually adopt. Jasmuheen also compiles statistics from the Light Ambassadry's Global Research Project as well as the research of many others into this phenomena. This book is a collation of research, recipes and recommendations that if adopted, will radically alter the path of humankind! Imagine a world without war or hunger or fear? Imagine a world that is disease free and unified where all life is honoured. These are the dreams of the Ambassadors of Light as they support in the creation of personal and global paradise for all.

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Chapter 1. The Supreme Splendour - DOW Power

The more you depend on forces outside of yourself the more you are dominated by them. Harold Sherman

Simplistically put, the ability to live on light is a result of an initiation into the Presence of the Divine One Within which then feeds us by the power of Its radiation. I often choose to call this our DOW.

DOW power is a limitless and never ending source of pure energy that dwells within everything whether it is animate or not. It is the Power or Presence of what some call the Supreme Splendour of OH-OM, the One Heart and One Mind that exists within all.

Some call the DOW Power of OH-OM - Gods power, Allahs power, Brahmas power, the force of Supreme Intelligence, the radiation from the Singularity, or other labels depending on their culture and beliefs. As the beings of light that I work with have often said - We dont care what you call your God, just so long as you call It for experiencing It will bring love, wisdom and passion and purpose to our lives.

The living on light journey has never been about eating or not eating, it has always been about DOW power. Everyone has this power available to them - in the same quantities - we just access It with different regularity and in different quantities. DOW power is not restricted by races, religions, cultures or our beliefs. It is like a hidden source of energy that when recognized, connected with, experienced and allowed to flow unimpeded through our bodies, brings many miracles to our lives. Being free from the need to take our nourishment from food is one very small benefit of this.

There are a myriad of ways to experience this Divine Power and the 21 day initiation that we talk about in my first book on this topic, is just one. As a consequence of this initiation that is designed to connect us further with the power of the Divine One Within, an individual finds freedom on many levels and yes, it is true that for many this means being free from the need to take nourishment from food. This is fact. How this occurs has been detailed in our first book called Living on Light - Nutrition for the New Millennium - A Personal Journey. The success of this initiation, and the Light Ambassadors ability to maintain and sustain being fed by prana is dependant on a very disciplined lifestyle choice. This is where the individual involved focuses their time on maintaining a high level of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fitness.

We call the individual who chooses this path, an Ambassador of Light or the spiritual warrior, for undergoing the process of conversion to pranic nourishment often demands both discipline and courage. To be successfully nourished by prana for over a long period of time, requires a clear commitment to experience DOW Power as It radiates Its Presence through us all on Earth. Many who undergo this journey have realized that the Holy Grail can be found within and that the physical body is also a temple to house the Presence of this Divine Force of Creation.

Throughout millennia, spiritual warriors have been undergoing initiations that allow them to radiate the light, love and wisdom of the Divine One Within. Obviously there are those who believe that the Divine Force of Creation is an external force - rather than a Force that permeates everything - and therefore they may not feel as though they can experience this Supreme Power personally.

The Oxford Dictionary describes God as a superhuman being worshipped as have power over nature and human fortunes. In the ancient Vedas, it is said that we are to God as sunshine is to sun.

Debating the way we all may think the Divine expresses Itself is not the issue of focus here. We all know that personal experience speaks volumes and surpasses theory and postulation, and often people may have experiences of Higher Powers that defy both medical and scientific explanation. This is true in the case of the Ambassadors of Light. In essence, the ability to live on prana alone is a natural by-product of allowing our DOW to feed us as we invite It to radiate through us. This is what the Christians would call living from Gods Light - literally. Religious texts and scriptures are filled with references as to the power of this divine radiation. Are all who live from Light religious? Not necessarily - at least not in the way that is commonly accepted. (Over 80% of the Ambassadors of Light have both a very deep understanding of metaphysics and have been long term meditators.) Yet one cannot live from Light unless one has the intrinsic understanding and belief in the existence of a Higher Intelligence - a cosmic order behind the chaos. For if we cease to take nourishment from food and yet we do not believe in, or have no experience of the Divine Force, then what will feed us in the place of food? Human beings need nourishment to survive or else the physical body will feed off itself and eventually die, which is what happens to those with anorexia or who exist in situations with food scarcity, or who are involved in hunger strikes. Living healthily without food requires the ability to tap into our own DOW Power to obtain an alternative form of nutrition. And, as living purely on Light is an exercise in self mastery, it is not possible to do this without knowledge and experience of our Divine Self. Not the ego/personality/culturally influenced self, but the Self that inspires us to explore and understand our true human potential. Some call this desire to experience the Divine Self, the journey of enlightenment.

According to the Dictionary of Symbols, enlightenment is Symbol of a condition experienced by candidates during rites of initiation. The known pattern of these rites involves death, a journey to the spirit world and a rebirth. Those who have experienced the 21 day process have found it to be an initiation that takes courage and commitment and great trust. All the Light Ambassadors who have chosen to stay with the experience of being fed by DOW Power have held a long term interest in esoteric matters and initiations that allow them to be more light filled.

Albert Einstein once said; The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of true art and science. He to whom the emotion is stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand wrapped in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed. The insight into the mystery of life, coupled though it be with fear, has also given rise to religion. To know what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty, which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their most primitive forms - this knowledge, this feeling is at the center of true religiousness. To the Ambassadors of Light, radiation of the Supreme Splendour of the DOW, is of paramount importance for we understand that this one focus alone has the power to transform the world.

As has been the way since linear time began on Earth, every single human being is at choice as to how they wish to live their life, moment by moment. Choosing to focus on self-responsibility and self-refinement and getting to know our DOW will fulfil the prophecy of the Second Coming. This is something that all who breathe can do right here right now, rather than anticipating miracles or the return of the Messiah to save us. Focus on the Divine Perfection that dwells within us will release an experience of the Christed Consciousness or the Buddhic Consciousness within our hearts and minds and bring the world and her people into a state of harmony and grace. There are many ways to radiate the Supreme Splendour and these are well covered not just in our previous book titled In Resonance, but also throughout esoteric and metaphysical material and the scriptures of many religions. The knowledge of these paths is always revealed to the sincere seeker, for our DOW is always looking for opportunities to reveal Its Presence in our lives when invited to do so.

Yes, radiating the Supreme Splendour is about enlightenment - and to many of the Ambassadors of Light, this means being filled with Light. The four attributes of en lightenment are said to be:- a) discrimination; b) desirelessness; c) good conduct and d) love. These are issues that the Light Ambassadors feel are worthy of experiencing. As ancient texts have always said, we hold all the knowledge, all the keys to universal wisdom within us. Nothing is new and all will unfold on Earth eventually in accordance with the Divine Plan. This Plan is a field of possibility that all who believe in magic can play within. The wizards call what occurs within this field, the game of Divine Alchemy which we cover in detail in the Our Camelot series. To the beings of Light that I call the MA or Master Alchemists, pranic nourishment and the radiation of the Supreme Splendour offers a more civilized alternative to the continual slaughter of both animal and human life at this time. So we offer our research and know that how the reader chooses to utilize this information will be entirely up to them.

For me it is wonderful being able to be part of a small group of people who are able to offer this alternative to the world even though we accept that it is challenging to many peoples belief systems. For those who respond to this lifestyle choice, Living on Light seems a very natural alternative. While the Exactly how is this possible? question still needs a lot of scientific and medical research, the fact is that people can be nourished by liquid light, chi or prana, if they are physically fit, emotionally fit, mentally fit and spiritually fit AND desire this lifestyle, as yogis have done this for millennia. In more recent times, studies have been done on the state of bigu which is attained via Qi emissions which is the radiation of a Qigong Master. After this exposure, many report loss of appetite and maintain this desire to not eat, and practice of not eating, for days, months and years. Our journey into pranic nourishment is somewhat different yet the results are the same. How well we are fed by prana and how well we can sustain this form of nourishment long term, is directly related to how powerfully we allow the DOW to radiate through our body. We control the level of this emission daily by the quality of our thoughts, words and deeds.

Chapter 8. DOW Match - Our Perfect Match Getting Fit for Prana by Jasmuheen Goodness is the only investment that never fails. Henry David Thoreau - US Author and naturalist Many individuals are attracted to the idea of being free from the need to eat food. Others desire to be free from all external attachments and seeking enlightenment, begin to make adjustments to their lifestyles. In M.A.P.S. we call these people the Ambassadors of Light and yes I am one. As you can see from previous chapters. There is nothing mysterious about living on light. It is a natural by product of connection with DOW Power. How to hook into the DOW Power Channel or frequency is another issue and the purpose of this chapter and for this we recommend that you assess yourself against the questions below. Be honest with yourself. When I wrote the first book, it was a simple story of a personal initiation. It has taken me awhile to understand what this is all truly about and longer still to find a way that I can express it simply. We call the process of connecting with DOW Power, DOW matching. How well we match depends on the lifestyles we choose. Matching is about tuning two complimentary channels. The DOW dims itself and we get brighter. Then boom. We are hooked up. This is basically what occurs during the 21 day process. A DOW match. A DOW match comes automatically at a certain level of fitness. Our desire to hook allows a process of metamorphosis to begin that we can control the speed of. We control the speed through diet, meditation and through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual exercise. Mental exercise involves programming and mind mastery. Emotional exercise occurs through the way we co-exist in our relationships with each other. Spiritual exercise is the path all initiates take when they want to experience the enlightening qualities of their DOW. As we have often stated, the 21 day process is a placebo for living on light. It is instead a powerful spiritual initiation that is not to be taken lightly. This initiation, if prepared for well, can leave you in a state of grace and wonder at the majesty of life - its sole purpose is to connect you consciously on a much deeper level with your DOW. When a deep connection has been made, you will find that you will be free from the need to eat for long periods of time. Some never return to food again preferring to be pranically nourished for its obvious benefits. Some dont connect deeply enough to sustain being nourished in this way without a few negative side effects.

Connecting more deeply to our DOW via this initiation results in different things for different people. For those of you drawn to spend 21 days in solitude and silent contemplation with the Divine, know that the less you are preoccupied with toxic dumping, aches and pains, doubts and fears, the more room you will have to receive Its power. WARNING: Connecting with your DOW can be very addictive. You can do it anytime without any process. Your desire, devotion, discipline, discernment, and dedication all determine how well you connect. Getting fit on all levels also helps. So, if you wish to undergo the 21 day process, and have researched all you can on the matter, and read my book Living on Light (also titled Pranic Nourishment) then the next step is to ask yourself:- Are you Physically fit? Are you able to do at least one solid hour of exercise each day without problem? I recommend a cross training program for strength, grace, flexibility and stamina such as: - weight lifting, walking, yoga, isometrics, swimming, dance, marital arts etc Have you been a vegetarian for at least a few years? Prior to the process are you prepared to become vegan for 6 months, then raw food, then liquids for up to another 6 months before beginning the 21 day process? Have you done all you can do to detox your physical body system? Have you learnt about fasting and fasted on juice and/or water for over 7 days before? Over the years have you learnt to listen to the voice of your body and treat it like a temple? Are you Emotionally fit? Do you have positive relationships with family and friends, do you feel content in life and happy with who you are? Have you worked through your personal agendas and are now wishing to only serve and have your life here make a positive difference to the planet? Have you sat down and asked yourself why you wish to do this? Have you looked at your emotional attachments to food? Are you disciplined enough to slowly eliminate everything but raw food from your diet? If so are you disciplined enough to then eliminate everything but fruit? Then everything but liquids? Then perhaps even liquids? Are you aware how this will impact on your social life? Does it matter? Are you Mentally fit? Do you KNOW and experience that you create your own reality? Do you exercise mind mastery and thus feel the benefits of applied positive thoughts and programming in manifestation? Do you have a strong mind body connection? Do you listen to your body's guidance? Are you Spiritually fit? Have you been meditating regularly enough to feel the presence of the Divine One Within (DOW) you and have you experienced the benefits of daily meditation in your life? Have you learnt to listen to and trust the voice of the Divine Within you as it guides you in life? Are you prepared to be flexible and open and experiment with this new lifestyle regardless of what others think? Are you prepared to do this until you have convinced yourself that you are free from the need to eat food again? Even if this takes months? Do you realize that the 21 day process will not fix all your problems and that the opposite may occur where all your problems are highlighted and can appear to be worse? Lastly did your heart really sing when it discovered information about this process - to the point where you just know it is for you? Unless you can say yes to all of the above, we recommend that you wait to do the 21 day process.

Remember it is a high level initiation and the success of being nourished continually from prana after the process is totally dependant on the above issues. The continuation of this lifestyle choice takes both daily discipline, commitment and courage. Over the last 5 years in my research, I have heard so many stories on individuals who were physically fit from exercise, raw food diets etc who were not able to be sustained by prana even though they underwent the process exactly as outlined in our first book on this. I have also met many who were very spiritually fit and had a long history of meditation but encountered many difficulties as they were not physically fit. I have also met many who were physically fit and had meditated for many years but who didnt apply mind mastery in their lives and hence were unconvinced that they create their own reality. Only in some cases do people who are not fit on all levels receive amazing healing from undergoing the process and yes, while some have been healed, others have experienced their problems becoming worse. Why it works for some and not others seems to be a matter of divine grace. While we understand that the type of person attracted to this is often very strong and not the type who needs to be told what to do, we do stress that all who undergo this process, exercise common sense and caution and listen to their body and their DOW every step of the way. Hence we offer the above questions to ensure that you are well prepared and may enjoy this journey without unnecessary problems.

Listening to our DOW is an imperative pre-requisite prior to undergoing the process and the following story is one of many that explains why. I have a very dear friend in Croatia who is a Light Ambassador. A strong, fit and healthy man he was an expert in martial arts, a focused and connected meditator, a shaman and a healer. When I first met him, I thought that he would make a perfect example of a good Ambassador and was well tuned to undergo the process. After he had completed the initiation, he met his Reiki Master who noticing a change in his energy fields, asked what he had been doing. My friend excitedly told him and the next day the Reiki Master rang back and said Babaji told me that if you dont eat you will die. As they were both Babaji devotees, my friend became very concerned. Here were two people who he loved and respected - one, a living Reiki Master and the other an etheric Master - who were telling him he had to eat or he would soon die. He sat and asked his DOW and was told its alright you will be fine - trust. He rang me and asked me to tune in and I realized that he was undergoing an initiation about learning to trust his Inner One and so asked him to choose. To listen to an external master/friend or listen to his DOW. He decided to trust his inner guidance and has been fine.

The amount of people that I meet who choose to trust another's opinion even though their Inner voice is telling them its OK is most interesting. Self mastery demands being able to trust and act on our inner guidance regardless what others may say. People constantly project their fears onto each other - more than ever regarding the issue of living without the need of food. Some readers may say well so what if he went back to eating, what is the big deal? The point is that he was at a cross road, as we all are in these moments of life changing choice. Had he listened to his friend and begun to eat again, certain doorways that can only be accessed by a set vibration would have been closed to him. By trusting his inner voice, he was able to move into a new field of reality, and experience many different things as a consequence of this lifestyle choice.