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Dancing With My DOW


In response to concerns over some individuals that have died during the 21 day process, Jasmuheen sent us an excerpt from her book "Dancing With My DOW".

Below is an excerpt from my book "Dancing with My DOW" that explains what I know about these deaths. -Jas.

The woman who died in Australia - Lani Morris - did so while staying with a man and his wife who were subsequently arrested and charged with negligence. He is still awaiting trial and it will be up to the jury to decide if he was indeed in anyway responsible for her death and if he lacked the ability to discern that she was in need of medical care earlier than it was provided. Interviews with Mr Pesnak and his wife share how Lani refused all of his help and attention for a number of days and he was loathe to interfere with her free will and decision to continue. Her choice to go through the 21 day process is not the issue for the courts, the concern is that the ‘caregiver’ did not act soon enough to seek medical care for her. I have been working with the prosecution as an independent expert witness. I had never met nor been involved in any way with either the Pesnaks or Lani Morris. Immediately after this occurred the Self Empowerment Academy issued very strong guidelines imploring people to act responsibly at all times.

The next issue is the death of a German man, Timo Degan which occurred prior to both the publication of my book and my arrival in Germany. Apparently he had decided to do the process after reading the 21 day guidelines called “Choosing God over Illusion” that someone else had written that was already circulating the global scene. One of the main reasons I was guided to write the book initially was to make sure that people received more information than what these few guidelines were providing so I incorporated these previous guidelines - with a few elaborations - into my book. This book is now in 8 languages and covers issues like mind mastery, meditation, programming and releasing limited belief systems needed to be addressed. He died after having an epileptic fit and hitting his head against a bed. Again I had never met Timo as he had heard about the 21 day process through other sources. In dealing with the lawyer for Focus magazine in response to their incorrect reporting I was told it was my ‘thesis’ my process and thus I was to blame. This again is absolutely incorrect and a full investigation into this matter will prove this. It is not my thesis - I am the one who is in the public eye determined to see that people act responsibly if they choose this path and reporting on our research into this phenomena.

Recently we have the case of Verity Linn, a very switched on and dedicated woman who did exactly what she wanted to do - or so I am told by friends who knew her well at Findhorn. Apparently according to her diary, she began the 21 day program then traveled and walked long distances against strong weather conditions to pitch her tent on the moorland. This is 100% not recommended in the 21 day process where it is stated that on page 131 in “Living on Light - Nutrition for the New Millenium” “once you commence this process, you are not to leave your immediate environment”. Verity chose to begin - then expend incredible energy - on her journey to find her ‘spot’ unfortunately it was too much for her system and she died of weather exposure and not starvation. I would assume that her system was weakened by not eating and not drinking then doing so much physical activity. Obviously Verity thought she was fit enough to begin the process, and not only ‘leave her immediate environment’ but also do so much physical activity. Sadly choosing to ignore the guidelines and did not expect to have trouble - a woman choosing to do this alone on the moors for 21 days is a much stronger one that I am and I would never recommend that this initiation be done in this way. We always say ‘once you begin, you conserve all your energy - rest, relax, read, meditate, be still. This brings me to the point that the caliber of people involved in this needs to be assessed. I call them the Ambassadors of Light and while they come from many different spiritual backgrounds, all believe themselves to be their own master and it is insulting to say that I am their guru or leader. If anything I am just the media spokesperson whose talk is based on years of personal experience and research as shared in my new book on this topic - “Ambassadors of Light - Living on Light”.

RESEARCH ON EXTERNAL PRANA Prana is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘breath’. It was a central conception in early Hindu philosophy, and was held to be the principle of vitality, the universal life force. The Chinese word for prana is ‘qi’ or ‘ch’i’ which has the same meaning. Early Taoists philosophers and alchemists regarded prana as a vital force existing in the breath and bodily fluids, and they developed techniques to alter and control the movement of prana within the body. Their purpose was to achieve physical longevity and spiritual power. Chinese philosophers hold that prana was transformed through the Yang (active) and Yin (passive) modes in the five elements; wood, metal, earth, water and fire, which in turn formed the basic constituents of the physical universe.

Prana is the life energy which keeps the body alive and healthy. There are three major sources of prana: solar prana, air prana and ground prana. Solar prana is prana from sunlight which invigorates the whole body and promotes good health, and is obtained by exposure to sunlight, and by drinking water that has been exposed to sunlight. Air prana is absorbed by the lungs through breathing and also absorbed directly by the energy centres referred to esoterically as chakras. More air prana can be absorbed by deep, slow, rhythmic breathing than by short, shallow breathing. It can also be absorbed through the pores of the skin by persons who have reached a certain level of esoteric sophistication. Ground prana is absorbed through the soles of the feet. This is done automatically and unconsciously. Walking barefoot increases the amount of ground prana absorbed by the body. Water absorbs prana from sunlight, air and the ground with which it comes in contact. Plants and trees absorb prana from sunlight, air, water and the ground. Men and animals can obtain prana from sunlight, air, ground, water and food. Fresh food contains more prana than preserved food.

Prana can also be projected to another person for healing. Persons with a lot of excess prana tend to make other people around them feel better and healthier. However, those who are depleted tend unconsciously to absorb prana from other people. In recent years substantial scientific testing has been done to establish the presence and nature of pranic emissions. However, the methodology of modern science stresses that the observer and the observed are separate and this is an essential feature of scientific observation. But traditional prana theory stresses that according to the most fundamental reasoning, the observed and the observer are in fact one, both consisting of prana, and are inseparable. Therefore, the observer alters what is observed by observing it, which is what in fact occurs at the level of quantum physics. This makes the accurate measurement of prana by traditional scientific methods difficult. In the scientific investigations conducted by the Chinese which are now being published in book form in English, it is noted that the external prana emitted by a practitioner, carries different information from the prana of a non-practitioner. It is well known that all body parts, internal organs and tissues of the human body have a weak magnetic field. However, when a pranic practitioner enters into a state of pranic emission, the magnetic intensity of certain places of the body surface can be ten thousand to one million times stronger than that of internal organs. That is, ten thousand to one million times stronger than a pranic non-practitioner. Numerous scientific tests conducted by Chinese scientists have established the most remarkable properties of prana, eg prana has been proved to be able to penetrate walls and tens of metres of dense material. Consequently neutrons, neutrinos, gamma rays and x-rays were considered, because they had these properties. However, on testing it was found that prana was not exclusively any of these emissions. Pranic healing was considered for many years to be a kind of physcological treatment, and this point of view is still quite popular in the west. There are some reasons behind it. For instance co-operation, especially physcological co-operation from the patient, is important during treatment. However, scientific experiments have shown that liquid crystal molecules rotate under the influence of external prana, thereby demonstrating that external pranic healing is not just a physcological treatment. It has objective effects independent of any physcological dimension. Numerous cases of pranic healing of an extraordinary nature are reported by Chinese scientific experiments, probably the most dramatic being the healing of bone fractures, with the bones being x-rayed both before and after the pranic treatment, and demonstrating the bones having knitted and healed within hours . All experiments regarding external pranic treatment have to be made with the external prana emitted by pranic masters, that is healers or teachers in the field. Prana emission consumes the prana master’s vital energy, and is subject to their physical and mental conditions. As a result only similar, but not identical results can be obtained from different pranic emissions. This makes the normal scientific observation process difficult. Further, external pranic experiments often produce results that seem difficult to explain using modern scientific knowledge and demonstrate unusual phenomenon that are often beyond common sense.

The nature of the external prana has been studied in China for over ten years, involving almost all fields of modern physics such as infra-red radiation, ultra-violet radiation, electro-magnetic waves, micro waves, magnetic fields, neutrons, electron physics and so on. However, those who have participated in the experiments suggest that the properties of external prana are still far beyond what may have been studied. It is obvious that there are physical properties of external prana yet to be discovered due to the limitations of our current understanding of science and technology. It was demonstrated that experiments using prana emissions can be conducted at a distance of 2,000km from the emitter of the prana to the experiment. This is difficult for science to comprehend. However, prana does not seem to obey the normal scientific rules pertaining to proportionality. It can probably be best compared with a laser beam which can travel long distances and not lose much intensity in its travels. The point seems to be that there is no evidence that external prana is a gravitational or electro-magnetic force, and therefore does not necessarily obey the scientific law of proportionality. The conclusion of many scientific experiments is that before external prana reaches the sample being tested it does not have a definite form or state such as infra-red radiation, gamma rays or neutrons, instead it only has the general characteristics of external prana, such as penetrating, targeting and bi-directionality. Only at the moment it reaches and touches the sample being tested does the external prana acquire the definite state corresponding to the conditions required to change this sample in a predetermined way. For example, external prana may act like ultra violet light, infra-red radiation or neutrons to affect the object. Scientists call this characteristic “target- adaptability’ of external prana. The relationship between western science and pranic masters is strained, to put it mildly, because the level of pranic practice is higher than that of modern science. A pranic master pays close attention to consciousness and to the effect of the consciousness of an object. The observer and the observed are connected. This is something that traditional science opposes.

To give an example, it is generally believed that without food and water a human will die in a short period of time, but a Chinese girl in New York has been in a state of ‘Bigu’ since 21 October 1987 when she attended a prana emitting lecture by a prana master. At that time she was aged 10. Bigu is a state in which a person maintains a normal life with little or no intake of food or water. After 10 months from the start of her Biju, the Chinese Military Academy of Medicine organised 8 medical experts to conduct a month long investigation of her. They reached the conclusion that in spite of her extremely insufficient intake of calories and nutrition she had maintained her normal life and growth and the stability of internal physiological conditions. A light duty worker normally needs 2,200 kilocalaries each day, but her daily nutrition consumption was only 200 to 300 kilocalaries each day, and calculations showed that according to her daily activities, that she needed at least 1500 kilocalaries per day. These facts seriously challenged modern physiology.

Another scientific oddity is the paradox of being able to move solid objects through barriers. A simplistic explanation is that an object with one dimensional freedom can only move back and forth on a straight line. If there is an obstacle on the line, the object cannot pass it. The object with two dimensional freedom however, can easily pass around it. For an object being only able to move in a two dimensional plane it will be stopped when it is surrounded by a circling obstacle. But an object with three dimensional freedom can easily get over this circling obstacle from above and move on. It is natural to deduce that an object with four dimensional freedom will not be hindered by an obstacle in a three dimensional space. Therefore, pills sealed in a bottle, where the pills have four dimensional freedom, would not be impeded by the three dimensional bottle. The three dimensional pills enter into a fourth dimensional space the instant they receive external prana emitted by a prana master who has extraordinary functions. A Chinese scientist from the Institute of Space Medical Engineering captured the whole process of pills escaping from a bottle using a high speed camera. He found one frame of film among several thousand frames showing half of a pill coming out of the side of the bottle and the following three frames showing the whole pill gradually dropping down. The observers suggested that the instant a pill receives the external prana emitted by the prana master, it enters into a state of virtual mass thereby passing through the bottle without resistance and afterwards turns back into its original real state - a pill. They of course have no explanation as to why the pill goes into a fourth dimensional space or virtual mass space, after receiving the external prana.

Regarding how external prana can cause healing and a Biju state, it is suggested that the average person has about 14-15 billion brain cells, but usually uses only 4-5% and never more than 30% of these cells. Even though as people age, they have memory failure, 80-90% of their brain cells remain unused at the time of their death. It has been observed that after a person enters into a state of exposure to external prana the neutrons in the deep layers of the cerebrum also enter into an excited state. This affects the regions of the brain where consciousness is focused. As a result the bio-electric currents in these regions are likely to be further enhanced. In other words, pranic practice activates the unused 80-90% of the brain cells by strengthening the brain’s bio-electric currents. On entering a pranic state the consumption of oxygen decreases while at the same time the lungs’ ability to absorb oxygen increases. As well, the capacity of tissues in the whole body to store oxygen and the capacity of the lungs is enhanced. Consequently, pranic practice is much more effective than athletic training. A long distance runner has lungs with large capacities, but also consumes large amounts of oxygen, and as a result cannot stay under water for very long. However, some people are able to stay alive while being buried underground in a coffin for 6 to 7 days. It is difficult to explain this phenomenon according to the lung capacity and oxygen needs of an ordinary person. However, it is explainable from a pranic perspective. In a pranicly enhanced state a practitioner does not need much oxygen. Pranic practices increase inhaling efficiency and expand the storage capacity of the lung tissues. It also decreases the consumption of oxygen. At certain stages of practice some pranic practitioners eat very little, or do not eat all. This is because they are capable of transforming energy and making full use of stored energy to keep themselves alive. A few do not even drink water, for water can be absorbed through the skin pores.

One may question how a person can live without food. First, the gastric and internal fluid of pranic practitioners contain many nutrients. Second, everyone has nutrients stored in the body, yet most people do not know how to transform and utilise them. Many days may pass without eating food, yet one can still be energised by absorbing self transformed high energy substances. It is not a question of eating, but rather of absorbing nutrients in a different manner. One can utilise the body’s accumulated nutrition and transfer it to gastric and intestinal fluids for high quality nourishment. Pranic practitioners do not merely absorb nutrients through their mouth and nose. They can use many other ways to absorb energy substances for nourishment. Water, for example, does not have to enter only through the mouth. Light does not have enter only through the eyes. Pranic practitioners absorb high energy substances from the universe that are unavailable to others. In this manner one can eat less or not eat at all for a length of time and still maintain a high energy level. When the absorption of high energy substances is enhanced, one may go without food for a long period of time. Thus pranic practices are an ideal way to improve the digestive system of the body. Only the earliest of scientific research has been done to date on the amazing possibilities that pranic practices offer. However, the Chinese are the leaders in this field, and ten years of their research is now being translated into English books which will be very educational for western science. The sources of research were: The Encyclopedia Britannica, Miracles through Pranic Healing by Master Choa Kok Sui , and Scientific Qigong Exploration by Lu Zuyin.”