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Dear Mikel

This is just a quick reply to some questions raised in your letter (which has kindly been forwarded to me by Robert Moore) and is not meant to be a lengthy discussion. If after this letter you have more questions please put them to me directly and lets have a personal conversation rather then a public forum.

I wholeheartedly agree that if there is NO nourishment at all (unlimited fasting), eventually the body will give in, fall down and decay. THE big difference though is, that Living on Light is NOT fasting. Living on Light is the ability to sustain your body on prana alone so that you do not require any solid or liquid food anymore to keep your body going. It is a re-programming process where you surrender to your Higher Self (Jasmuheen calls it the DOW - the Divine One Within) and the ‘switch’ is ‘done’ for you. Your only conscious input is, to surrender and trust; the rest is divinely guided and implemented. You actually can’t DO anything to speed up or influence the process. You are even discouraged to do anything actively during this time (practice, yoga, meditation) but to surrender and trust. It only works if you KNOW it does - and without any doubt.

Another big difference is that one willingly enters this process, not by accident or forced by outer circumstances. People undergo this spiritual initiation to come closer to their DOW, to get clearer about their destiny and purpose as a soul. The most important about the 21-day process is NOT actually the fact if you later eat or not eat any more. The incentive is to establish a stronger connection to the Divine while being in this body and not for any health benefits, to loose weight or as endurance test.

Fact is, that I PERSONALLY know at least 50 people having gone through the 21 day process successfully (the first 7 days being totally dry) besides myself and my partner. (A list is available on request, with about 20 people having agreed to answer questions about their own individual journey with this process to earnest inquirers). I also know of at least several hundred identifiable people in Germany alone having gone through this spiritual initiation (other sources speak of up to 3000). Numbers all over the world suggest approx. five thousand people who have undertaken the 21-day process by now. (The oldest person we know of is 82, the youngest 13). If people after the 21-day process choose to eat or not to eat is entirely their own decision and has actually nothing to do with the process and its spiritual benefits or its success.

I have not claimed at any time not to drink anymore (which I do) although my most preferred fluid intake consists of cups of Earl Grey tea with a bit of milk and sugar (not at all your ‘healthy’ choice). In fact I haven’t had any water for months (another ‘fact’ all doctors /nutritionist would seriously doubt or shake their heads about) but it simply doesn’t taste and seems no fun to drink. Fact is though that I feel great, have a full work and sex life. I am out and about and happy and healthy. I initially lost 5 kg of weight in the process, but since then it is stable. I have not have a single meal for months, although if my emotional body gets the better of me I might have a tastebud experience, a biscuit, a few spoonfuls of vanilla ice-cream or custard or a pickled gherkin (no, I am not pregnant). My partner is much more disciplined and has NOTHING at all, besides her drinks, as she isn’t even interested in ‘nibbling’. We both choose to drink, but I know of two people who don’t drink anymore. I personally know a friend who went for 3 weeks and another who went for 6 weeks without drinking. They wanted to see if it was possible, but then decided it was too uncomfortable to continue - and who for?

Living on Light is not a punishment where you can’t have anything to eat anymore but a great empowerment where you don’t NEED to have anything to eat anymore. It is FREEDOM.

Gerd Lange

(Co director London College of Holistic Breath Therapy, Member of BRS) tel:0044-208-455 2420

Disclaimer: Whatever I have written about here is what ‘I’ did and it is what ‘I’ wanted to do. I no way do I want to entice or convince anyone to do the same (unless strongly and unmistakably guided). Then you would have to thoroughly inform and prepare yourself before attempting anything. If you are not ready, this is dangerous and potentially life threatening.